Animal & Jungle Safari Themes

Animals! Always a favorite amongst kids, animal and jungle theme rooms are extremely versitile: they're great bedroom decor for younger boys and girls, and they make a fantastic nursery theme for baby.

Jungle Safari Wall Art

Jungle One Minute Mural Wall Hanging

Animal decor can range from cute and cuddly depictions of stuffed animals designs to incredibly realistic artwork and wall murals showing the actual creatures. An extremely trendy theme made popular by the Disney Madagascar movies is the jungle/safari look. Not only does this type of decorating involve all the colorful animals found in modern zoos and the African wilderness, it also lets you add the leafy trees, vines, and other jungle foilage to whatever bedroom or playroom you happen to be decorating. From apes to zebras, from chimps to elephants, giraffes, monkies, rhinos, lions, tigers and more... you and your child will have endless fun picking and choosing which animals you'd like to include in your safari decorating theme.

But beyond the zoo and safari animals, younger children's bedroom and baby nursery decor will require a softer, more gentle touch. This is where stuffed animal decor comes in, usually in the pastel blues, pinks, and greens used for this type of decoration. Bunnies, baby lions, elephants and giraffes make perfect baby mobiles, fun kids lamps, and are scattered across children's animal themed bedding of every make and manufacturer. Paint the walls to match these colors, and look for children's wall art along that theme. There's an amazing amount of animal portraits, canvas prints, wall hangings and growth charts made just for kids rooms and baby nurseries, making it easy to choose a color combination that appeals to you or your child.

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