Beach Rooms & Surfing Themes

An extremely popular theme, beach and/or surf themed rooms are a fun decorating choice. Best of all, the whole 'endless summer' idea of living on the beach itself appeals to both boys and girls, allowing limitless possibilies for many different types of surfer's room decor.

Surfboard Wall Sticker

Surfboard & Bikini Shop Window Wall Mural

One of the biggest appeals of turning your room into a tropical paradise is the visual aspect of everything. Beach theme rooms can range from a few sea-shells and pieces of driftwood to full-blown dramatic creations complete with a real sand floor! And while tracking sand through the rest of your home may not seem practical for everyone, there are a lot of surf room great decorating ideas in between. It's up to you how far you want to go, and how deep into the beach or surfing theme you want to delve.

First, decide whether you're going to decorate solely with a sand and ocean theme, or whether you're going to incorporate a surfer's tastes into the decor. Either way, tropical colors and patterns are the direction you'll want to go. Think palm trees, sunglasses, and coconuts. For girls' rooms, think tropical flowers and flip-flops. Better yet, spend 10 minutes looking at pictures of Hawaii or the Caribbean: these colors, along with the beautiful blues of the sky and ocean, are going to figure prominantly in any beach themed room.

The walls of this type of room theme are of the highest importance: from the moment someone steps inside they will determine the overall feel of the room. Paint using the colors of sand and sea. Get creative, and pick an accent wall to define the room - then make this wall a different color or pattern than the other walls. Better yet, use a tropical wall mural to open up that wall completely. There are wave, ocean, and beach themed wall decals that can make your entire wall disappear... leaving you instead with a beautiful waterfront view of sandy beaches, gently swaying palm trees, and sparkling, surf-friendly waves of beautiful blue.

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