Boys Theme Room Decor & Accessories

After the walls are painted, the furniture's assembled, and the meat and bones of your boys theme room have finally been established, it's time for the room accessories! This is where the real fun begins; no matter what theme you and your little one picked out, this is the opportunity to really make it shine.

Lamps and light fixtures can add greatly to a room theme, but the right area rug can really mesh everything together. Decorate with accessories and finishings that enhance your boys room theme. Even the toys can play a big role in the overall feel and presence of the room.

Boys Lighting and Room Lamps

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Boys Area Rugs

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Boys Toys

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Boys Valance Panels

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Boys Crib and Room Mobiles

From the very beginning, your little boy's first piece of personality-related decor will be his crib mobile. Maybe he'll be a racecar driver... an astronaut... a famous sports hero. Whatever he does and wherever he goes, you'll always think back to his mobile and the song it played - so pick one that'll bring you good memories in the years to come! Also included in this category, you'll find hanging mobiles in boys themes for older children's room decor.

Boys Lamps, Chandeliers, & Lighting

Here you'll find a collection of adorable boys lamps and light fixtures in all different themes and genres. Baseball lamps, race car table fixtures, lamps featuring undersea creatures - anything and everything you could imagine for your little son's nighttable can be found here, as well as some standing lamps and very cool themed lampshades. Some are hand painted works of ceramic art, others are wooden creations painstakingly put together to create just the right effect for your child's room. If you're looking for a boys lighting idea you're sure to find one here.

Boys Area Rugs

It's a fact: your little one will spend a great deal of his childhood on his hands and knees pushing around his favorite toys! These beautiful area rugs are designed for boys rooms and room themes. Some are plush, soft, and stain-resistant. Others are tough, sturdy creations made to stand up to the standard abuse of Tonka trucks, cranes, and bulldozers. Still other rugs, like the ones from Learning Carpets, are made for play: they give your little one roads, stop lights, train tracks, and games upon which to play. These make great playroom rugs as well as accent rugs for any boys' bedroom.

Boys Toys & Playsets

On average, boys toys can be bigger than girls toys. At times, they can somewhat dominate the room. If you're decorating in a particular boys theme, chances are your son loves this theme already and has many toys to go with it. But in case he doesn't, here's a good place to find fun, educational, and theme-related toys for your child's bedroom. Now get decorating!

Boys Ride-ons & Rockers

Things have really changed since the traditional rocking horse... and this is the place where you'll see just how much. Browse this large selection of boys rocking chairs, horses, cars, motor cycles, and other rocking type vehicles. On top of that, you'll find pedal-cars and trucks in all different vehicle themes, from racecars to airplanes.

Boys Playhouses

From time to time, your little boy will love slipping away - so make his hideout something to always remember! This category opens a whole new world of children's playhouses and pop-up tents, designed in all possible boys themes and motifs. From outer space playhouses to icy igloos and more, you're sure to find a very excellent hideaway or sleepover tent for your little one.

Boys Valance Panels

An array of of window treatments and themed valance panels created to match all types of drapes or curtains in your little one's bedroom. Themed holdbacks match up with many different boy's room decorating ideas.