The Butterfly & Ladybug Theme Room

No little girl's room would be complete without at least one delicate butterfly. But why stop there when you can design a whole room around the colorful world of butterflies and ladybugs?

Butterfly Bedding

Crazy Daisy Quilt & Girls Bedding Set

Flower-themed and butterfly decor go hand in hand. This doubles your options when designing such a room. Add ladybugs into the mix, and you've got a beautiful garden theme going as well. It's up to you how much you floral and garden accents you want to interject into your butterfly room, but remember that without pretty flowers there would be no butterflies!

Butterflies Growth Chart

Exotic Butterflies
Growth Chart

Another great advantage of decorating in a butterfly theme is your freedom of color. This fluttering insect comes in every bright, beautiful color you or your little girl could imagine. This is a good opportunity to first find the butterfly decor you like: bedding, wall art, furnishings, etc... and then match the bedroom's paint to your overall color scheme. Doing it the opposite way could limit your options, especially if you find something you really like that clashes with the room paint.

And since butterflies and ladybugs fly, it's another good idea to look for some hanging room decor to match this theme. The delicate Butterflies Hanging Mobile is as light and fragile as the butterfly itself, and just as beautiful - use it to brighten up an empty corner in seconds. And if you're decorating a baby nursery in a butterfly theme, there are some fantastic crib mobiles available like the Cocalo Sugar Plum line, or the pink and chocolate Butterfly Garden Mobile. Almost anything soft and delicate will work here.

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