The Chic & Stylish Girls Room

If you happen to be raising the girliest of girls, it's not always easy to know what room decor best suits your daughter's personality. If she likes all things fancy, fluffy, bright and beautiful, chances are you'll probably end up filling her room with all things chic and stylish!

Cest Chic Girls Bedding

Cest Chic Four Piece Girls Bedding Set, Furniture, and Room Decor

One of the great advantages to such a bedroom theme is that you're not really locked down to any specific type of room decor. You can pair different pieces of furniture, bedding, lighting and anything else with pieces from other collections, so long as they all share the same color and general 'feel' to them. Chic and stylish girls decor is generally pink, white, and lavender. These soft colors are often pastel, and whites tend toward antique or off-whites as well.

And when you think of this type of room decor? Think fancy! Anything stylish is usually very ornately detailed. Curving lines and intricate carvings make great chic room decor, as does anything with crystal accents, crosshatch or harlequin patterns, polka dots and flowers. Think soft, think feathery... think stipes and dots contrasted against solid colors, but also think delicate.

Annie Canvas Kids Wall Art

Annie Canvas Wall Art
by Mary Jack Studios

Another aspect of the chic & stylish bedroom is anything and everything to do with shopping! Little girls love shopping almost as much as mom does, which is why there's an abundance of store-window boutique decorating ideas. Cute little hanging wall pieces of wall art like these Boutique Shop and Beauty Shop wall murals make for fun additions to any girl's bedroom. And to decorate the wall directly, there's an impressive array of peel-and-stick wall decals for girls. Fully removable and repositionable, these come in themes like the French Poodle window style, cosmetic and department store themes, and even oversized giant town canopy wall mural scenes that you can place over or next to your little girl's bed. Even Wallies, one of the most popular manufacturers of children's wall stickers, makes a very beautiful and fancy girly headboard that works well in any chic or stylish room.

Hello Kitty Stickers

Hello Kitty Wall Appliques

Cuter aspects of a girl's bedroom can also include a wide variety of Hello Kitty decor. You can find everything from Kitty sheet sets and bed spreads to rugs and room accessories. Your daughter might also like these pep rally appliques or even this Hello Kitty giant wall mural. Both are ideal for complimenting that popular room theme.

Hannah Montana Wall Art

Hannah Montana
2 Piece Self Stick Wall Art

Slightly older girls looking for this type of style usually fall into the fashion and bling category... and that means Hannah Montana! You can find just about anything to do with Miley Cirus' famous alter-ego these days, and chances are your daughter already has her room half-decorated with in theme. Perhaps one of the most dramatic changes you can make includes the Hannah Montana life-sized wall mural. Along the same lines you can find guitar-themed rock star decor like this secret pop star sticker, but a very cool and functional addition to your little girl's bedroom would be this Hannah Montana eraseable whiteboard kit. Not only does this feature the Disney star, but it also comes with its own dry-erase pen. Fans of pop stars in general (or even aspiring pop stars themselves!) would also be sure to love this Sudden Shadows Rock Star wall decal.

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