Cowboy & Western Room Themes

Are you raising a genuine, all-American, true-blue cowboy? Well then your choice of room themes is easy - your little boy is going to love sleeping in his southwestern or cowboy themed bedroom.

Boys Cowboy Bedding

Cowboy Quilt Boys Bedding Set

Since the wild west days of wide-open plains, gold miners, and cattle drives, the American cowboy has been one of the greatest icons in United States history. Even today, cowboys and cattle herders set out on horseback, boots, hats, lassos and all. That's why creating a cowboy themed room for your little boy should be an easy task, with all the coordinating southwest decor available.

The color choices here are somewhat limited, but they make for great decorating. Brown, beige, and sand colors are predominant. Golds and whites should also be mixed in. And in case you've got a little cowgirl on your hands, there are some beautiful pinks and yellows that go well with this theme. Try to pick out your bedding, valances, and maybe even a matching rug first - then go out and start looking at paint colors. This will help really bring things together by the time you're ready to start decorating.

And as far as decor goes, there's an abundance of genuine cowboy and cowgirl accessories that will always fit in such a room theme. No western-themed room would be complete without a cowboy hat, or a pair of spurred leather boots. These aren't just room accessories either, they're functional and they're a way of life for those who ride the plains. Grab a lasso and a tin star, check out some matching wall art or canvas murals. When it comes to this theme tou can do just about anything but grow a cactus, and even then you could probably find something close enough to look like the real thing.

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