The Dinosaur Themed Bedroom

What's 20-feet tall with jagged teeth, roars fiercely, and still might just be the only monster your son wants to welcome into his bedroom every night?

T-Rex Wall Mural

T-Rex Peel & Stick Mural

Dinosaurs! There's not a little boy out there who won't get through childhood without experiencing some kind of dino-phase. For some, it passes with a few toys and Jurassic Park movies. But for others, the dinosaur phase can turn into a full-blown addiction to the prehistoric monsters. So if you're stepping over jagged plastic dinosaur toys and pushing aside dino coloring-books in order to put your son to bed each night... you may want to consider really blowing his mind with the ultimate dinosaur-themed bedroom!

As could be expected, there's a great deal of dino-related kids decor available for such an endeavour. The more popular the genre, the more manufacturers and children's companies will be taking advantage of that popularity. Dinosaurs are certainly no exception to this rule. They offer a near limitless cast of characters: meat-eaters and herbivores, long necks and short ones, dinosaur hunters and prey. There are dinosaurs that fly, and those that live in the ocean. You could easily decorate your child's room with one of each dino type and never run out of these prehistoric animals. Similarly, you'll be hard-pressed to run out of ideas. Dinosaurs go hand-in-hand with lush jungles, flowing volcanoes, and vibrant colors that can easily transform any kids room into a jurassic-era paradise.

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