Fairy & Fantasy Themed Bedrooms

Going hand-in-hand with most princess theme rooms, another way to decorate your little girl's bedroom involves two very related genres: fairies and fantasy.

Fairy Wall Stickers

Wallies Enchanted Flower Fairy Cutouts

There are several ways to do a fairy themed bedroom, with the most popular one involving Disney's most famous fairy of all: Tinker Bell. Almost everything Tinkerbell can be found as far as girls' decor; bedding and quilt sets, wall art, toys... there's more than enough opportunity to flesh out any room with this Disney-based theme.

Fairy Princess Peel and Stick

Fairy Princess Appliques

The other two methods involve fairies themselves, decorated in either a conventional 'fantasy' setting or with a younger, more fun and cartoonish type of decor. Fairies are tiny and they can fly; two things that make it a little easier to decorate with these winged creatures. You can hang them, dangle them, place them or stick them just about anywhere in the room - from fairy mobiles and door hangings to growth charts and full-sized works of amazing vinyl wall art. Back this up with clouds, castles, and other usual fantasy trappings and your little girl's bedroom can become a place of magic, wonder, and enchantment. Remember that fairies are delicate - your decorating should be equally light and delicate in order to achieve the most impressive fairy themed decor possible.

Tinker Bell Bedding and Room Decor

Disney Tinkerbell Comforter

Disney Tinkerbell Pixie Dust Comforter

One of the most popular bedding options is Tinker Bell. This Disney bedding set is bright and colorful, featuring soft lavenders and blues that go well with most girls bedroom decor. A giant graphic of Tinkerbell herself adorns the comforter, and also the matching pillowcases. There's even a Disney Fairy Tinker Bell Throw Blanket in a nice 50x60 inch size for your little girl to take with her on sleepovers, or just for trips to the living room or den. Border the ceiling with the New Fairies Movie Self-Stick Wall Border, and the complete your daughter's Tinkerbell room by replacing her regular light switch cover with the adorable Tinkerbell and Butterfly Decorative Switchplate Cover.

Fairy Table Lamp

Orchid Fairy Table Lamp

Fairy Themed Lighting

When it comes to light fixtures for this theme, there are few things as beautiful as the Orchid Fairy Table Lamp, shown at left. Featuring a beautiful winged fairy perched on a bed of lavender blossoms, its delicate and detailed shade sprouts like a vine from the patch of flowers. Similar in style, the Fairy Tree Lamp is another great option, mixing the earthy realm of nature with the mystical realm of fantasy that will make your daughter's room so magical. And in keeping with a Tinkerbell theme, your little girl will love this Tinkerbell Motion Lamp. The surface is printed with fun graphics of Tinkerbell all over it, and it gives off an extremely generous amount of light.

Perhaps the king of all fairy themed lighting would be the Disney Fairies Animated Lamp. Not only does this lamp feature Tinker Bell, Iridessa and Silvermist Fairy characters from the latest Disney movie 'Fairies', but it also features adorable sound effects. The shade features multi-colored maple leaf designs, with a pink, purple, and green grass base.

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