Floral & Flower Themed Room

Another great girls room theme is also one that matches seamlessly with any other little girl decor: the flower or floral design. Decorating your daughter's bedroom with floral accents can be done on smaller levels, and you can also search for flowers online to purchase fresh and vibrant arrangements that would look fantastic on night tables or dressers.

Sweet Helen Quilt

Sweet Helen Girls Floral Quilt Set

Flower-themed decor is everywhere - it's up to you to decide just how flowery you really want it to look. Some like to keep it simple, but others like to go all out. You can decorate with a particular floral theme in mind; say for example, a sunflower bedroom. Or you can pick and choose whichever color flowers you want based upon the room's wall color - yellow buttercups, white daisies, lavender tulips. This will bring an overall color scheme and uniform look to your daughter's room, upon which you can further accent with splashes of other color in the form of those flowers too.

Flower Pot Canvas Wall Art

Handpainted Pink
Flower Pot Canvas

One decision that needs to be made at the very start is whether or not you'll go with bright or pastel colors. Mixing the two isn't always attractive, so keep that in mind before you begin your decorating. When children are younger their room is designed mostly for play, with lots of bright and primary colors. Younger girls and toddlers may be better suited for this, and you can easily find floral decor to match these types of learning colors. As your little girl gets a bit older though, she may adopt different tastes. She may lean toward the more girly, soft, and muted pastel shades. There are some incredible girls bedding sets manufactured with these colors in mind, and an even greater amount of matching painted canvas wall art. Make the color decision early, so you have a good idea of which direction you're going.

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