Girls Theme Room Decor & Accessories

The right room accessories can really enhance the presence of your little girl's theme decor. The furniture and wall decorating done, now's the time to really add your own individual flair to whatever theme you and your daughter have picked out. Be sure to consider her own favorite colors and tastes when adding these finishing touches to her bedroom.

Start with the area rug, and work your way upward. There are some beautiful girls light fixtures, chandeliers and standing lamps. Keep within your theme, but also remember that a little contrast never hurt either.

Girls Lighting and Room Lamps

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Girls Area Rugs

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Girls Toys

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Girls Valance Panels

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Girls Crib and Room Mobiles

When decorating a nursery, keep in mind that the crib mobile is one of the first things your baby will see (other than your smiling face!) as she looks up from the crib and into the wide world. Make it special for her by picking out something soft and adorable, while also keeping in theme with your nursery. Here you'll find some of the finest girls crib mobiles by the most trusted baby artisans. Also included in this category are some great hanging mobiles for use in older girls' rooms.

Girls Lamps, Chandeliers, & Lighting

There are many ways to go 'fancy' when decorating a little girl's room, but nothing gives you as much opportunity as does the lighting. Whether you choose a standing lamp, a table lamp, or a hanging chandelier... be sure that your choice is something you and your little one can live with for quite some time. Don't go overboard unless the room requires it - in which case have fun! This category contains some very ornate and beautiful lighting choices for girls rooms and baby nursery.

Girls Area Rugs

The sheer number of manufacturers of girls area rugs gives you a wide variety of choices here. From gorgeous floral multi-level creations to simple stripes or patterened rugs, these come in every color under the sun. If your daughter's room is heavily invested in a particular girls theme, chances are you'll be able to find a corresponding area rug to accompany that theme. Rectangular throw rugs are most common, but there are some very pretty oval, circle, and shaped children's rugs available in this category as well.

Girls Toys & Playsets

Let's face it - no matter how neat or tidy your little one keeps her room, there's always going to be toys! Here's a good opportunity to find some really great ones - educational toys, girls pretend play sets, and oversized plush stuffed animals created with a little girl's softness in mind. There are toys here to fit any girls theme or genre, from ballerina room to princess palace - from butterfly meadows to fairy and fantasy themed worlds.

Girls Ride-ons & Rockers

Remember your own rocking horse all those years ago? Well things have come a long way since then! Here you'll find a wide selection of adorable rocking chairs, horses, and other ride-on vehicles made just for girls. Pick one that goes along with her bedroom theme, or choose from a bunch of traditional rocking horse designs too. Pretty pedal cars and girls ride-ons can be found here as well.

Girls Playhouses

Sometimes even a little girl needs to get away. Let her imagination run wild as she and her friends camp out in one of these beautiful girl-themed play houses. Ranging from simple pop-ups to incredibly gorgeous playhouse creations, these play tents and playhouse designs are perfect for sleepovers or even just to hang out inside.

Girls Valance Panels

This selection of valance panels and window treatments allows you to beautifully compliment any drapes or curtains in your little girl's bedroom. Choose from themed valances to coordinating holdbacks.