The Horse & Pony Room

Maybe you're raising a little cowgirl... maybe you're raising the next equestrian superstar! Either way, little girls love horses and ponies. The horse themed bedroom puts a soft and girly spin on these magnificent animals.

Giddy Up Pony Garden Quilt Set

Giddy Up Pony Garden Quilt Set

Whether you live on a farm and actually have horses, or whether your little girl just dreams of riding them, the horse themed room can be a fun and easy theme to set up. Unlike many other girl's themes, your colors aren't really set. Just as horses come in everything from jet black stallions to proud white palominos, your daughter's bedroom colors can be adjusted to incorporate her favorite shades.

The best place to start? Find yourself a great horse themed quilt or bedspread. These usually come in soft pastel lavenders, pinks, and yellows (the softer the better here), but you can also put a cowgirl spin on the room. For this, the colors will be primarily Southwestern: shades of brown and beige ranging up to darker, more rustic reds. Somewhere in the middle you've got a farm type bedroom theme - this will incorporate barn and haystack colors, possibly a stable, and may or may not include other farm animals. Figure out which directions you'd like to take the room, and then go from there. But be sure to consult with your little one first!

Canvas Horse Show Growth Chart

Horse Show
Canvas Growth Chart

Now if you're decorating for a younger horse fan, you might want to stick to a more cartoonish type of theme. Horseland is a hit online game and TV show, with many colorful horse and pony characters you can use to decorate. These include toys, playsets, and a variety of Horseland Wall Appliques that peel right on and off furniture, walls, and any smooth surface... your little one can use to decorate anywhere and everywhere. The My Little Pony toys of the mid 1980's are making a big comeback as well, so if your daughter's collecting those types of animals you may want to consider that type of decor as well.

But for older girls, horses and horseback riding should be the primary theme. From this giant-sized peel and stick Horse Stable Door Wall Mural to incredibly lifelike Wild Horses Appliques, there are some great vinyl wall decals that will absolutely transform your daughters bedroom. Other beautiful horse-related wall art includes canvas and giclee prints featuring equestrian events, races, and colorful American and English horse shows sure to stimulate the imagination of any child. Look for colors and styles that match the rest of your decor: valances, rugs, lighting - your choices are nearly limitless here, so have your future rider help pick out the ones that feel right for her.

Another great advantage to this type of room? The real live accessories! You can give your daughter's room a more rustic and realistic feel by decorating with actual horse tackle and riding equipment. Incorporate a couple of real horshoes along the walls, being sure to mount them facing upwards for good luck! An old leather helmet, riding crop, some boots with spurs... if you're decorating for a rider she'll love being surrounded by these things. These are the real-life reminders of a hobby she enjoys, so be sure to make it a part of any horse theme room you put together.

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