Kids Furniture for any Theme or Decorating Idea!

To finish any kids themed bedroom or playroom, you're going to need the right furniture!

It doesn't matter whether you're decorating for a boy or a girl... a princess or an astronaut... a ballerina, a pirate, or a superhero of any kind - the following selection of children's furniture and room decor includes something for everyone. So once you've chosen the perfect kids room theme, browse through the categories below and find exactly the right furniture to go along with it!

Baby Crib

   Baby Nursery Cribs
Kid's Desk

      Children's Desks

Kids Play Table

     Tables & Chairs
Kids Chair

   Benches & Seating
Toy Chest

   Toy Chests & Boxes

Children's Beds

This selection includes several adorable toddler beds in various themes such as sailing ships, racecars, firetrucks, princess beds, and more. It also features bed options for older kids up to and including teens: wooden and cast iron models, loft and bunk beds, canopy beds, and slide out trundles.

Baby Cribs

Here's where you'll find a wide variety of baby cribs, from sturdy oak models to cast iron baby crib designs. You'll also see speciality cribs created to match fantasy room themes, plus the latest new round crib styles.

Dressers & Armoires

The perfect place to keep everything for your child, there are storage units listed here for both boys and girls decor. This includes small to large dressers, armoires, and even heirloom quality girls hope chests. Younger children's themed models are also listed, great for keeping within any bedroom motif.

Kids Desks

These desks for kids include fun, bright colors and cool designs perfect for any type of bedroom or playroom. Many of these fully functional models also feature slide-out keyboard trays and rear punch-outs in order to be computer-friendly, as well as built-in cork bulletin board backings.

Kids Tables & Chairs

This is the place to find play tables, farmhouse tables, and great activity table designs to fill that empty corner of your child's room with something fun, exciting, and functional.

Benches & Seating

This list of seating options includes adorable kids rocking chairs, personalized benches, beanbag chairs and frameless cushioned seating that can be custom embroidered or painted with your son or daughter's name. There are incredibly cute time out chairs here too.

Bookcases & Media Centers

A long list of great storage ideas in various children's themes that will keep all your son or daughter's precious treasures in order. Beyond all the cute bookcases and brightly painted storage units you'll also find entertainment and video game media centers designed to keep all that Nintendo and Playstation clutter off the floor of your child's room.

Toy Chests & Toy Boxes

Keeping in the tradition of a clean room floor, this selection of toy boxes and storage chests are both beautiful and functional, with many different design themes made to fit in with all different boys and girls room decor.