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Below you'll find more of the most popular decorating themes for boys and girls bedrooms, playrooms, themed game rooms and more! From floor to ceiling, wall to wall, you'll find the most amazing and dazzling array of children's decor available today. Browse through it, and let your little one help you create the room of his or her dreams!

Beach & Surfer Room

Surfer & Beach Themed Room

It doesn't matter if you've got a surfer girl or a surfer boy; either way the decorating tactics for a beach and surf-themed room will be almost identical. The only difference of course would be color, with blues and greens predominant for a boy's room and pinks, yellows, and softer red colors perfect for a girl.

Creating a surf or beach theme room can be interesting because you can really go all out. Some extremists have even gone so far as to fill the floor of the room with an inch or more of beach sand! One of the most dramatic room changes can involve dedicating one entire wall to a really beautiful ocean or wave wall mural. The application of some peel and stick images detail the beach, the water, and some palm trees for that really warm tropical feel. Standing a few real surfboards around the room can help out too, and there's a variety of different bedding patterns available. Many flowering blossom quilts and comforters have a genuine Hawaiian feel to them, or you can go with a more jungle-themed parrots and birds of paradise type of pattern. This type of room can be tremendously fun, so be sure to get your little one involved in the decorating process!

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Racing & Racecar Bedroom

Racecar Bedroom

Car racing has gone mainstream and is now a thriving sport for the world of NASCAR, road rally, and Indy Car racing. For as long as there have been racecars, there have been little boys who love them. With a little creativity you can turn your son's bedroom into a tribute to his favorite driver or racing team.

One of the biggest pieces of racing decor would be the race car bed. This seems standard issue for any little toddler who loves cars. Having his first bed in the shape of a racecar is something he'll always remember, so be sure to take this into consideration when making such a purchase! NASCAR murals and full-size decals are sold for all the major race cars and popular drivers, as are some Indy car teams. Hang a checkered flag above the bed, or paint a finish line on the wall. Grab a nice shiny gold cup trophy and place it next to a model car painted to reflect your boy's favorite colors. Go a step further and acquire a steering wheel, tire, or some other kind of genuine racing accessory to really trick out your child's bedroom in total automotive style!

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Hello Kitty Room

Hello Kitty Bedroom Theme

One of the most adorable and best-known girls' icons these days is Hello Kitty. Since being introduced over 30 years ago, the Hello Kitty characters have adorned clothing, bedding, jewelry, and all kinds of girls accessories. They even had their own television series.

A Hello Kitty bedroom will involve lots of images and colors associated with these popular products. It's a very girly world full of pinks, yellows, soft blues and whites. It can also be a very fashionable and glamorous theme, as there are many items licensed for Hello Kitty that include rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, and other types of girl 'bling' that is eye-catching and fashionable. Your daughter will want Hello Kitty backpacks, school supplies, pencils and more. You can decorate the room, walls, and even the furniture with colorful appliques and removable vinyl Kitty stickers that can go just about anywhere.

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Medieval Knight Bedroom

Medieval Knight Room

Just as the princess needs her tower, the prince needs his castle. And if the prince happens to be a knight, all the better. A medieval themed bedroom can bring the old realm of fantasy into the new world, turning your little boy into a knight, a prince, or both.

Decorating a boy's bedroom with an underlying medieval theme must include at least three things: castles, knights, and dragons! Brick by brick you can build some great castle wall murals, or choose themed wall art of horse-mounted knights to conjures romantic images of the renaissance age. Build your child's very own customized coat of arms with a personalized giclee painting or banner. You can also hang crossed swords against a shining shield, just be sure to use plastic replicas instead of the real thing! A medieval bedroom can even go with an already-established tale such as the knights of King Arthur and the round table.

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Animal Safari Room

Animal & Safari Themed Room

The Animal room theme is versatile not only because it's perfect for both boys and girls, but also because it can be used to decorate bedrooms, playrooms, and even the baby nursery. Animal room decor can include jungle-inspired scenes, zoo animal prints, or it can have a softer and more playful feel with stuffed animals or cartoon creatures.

There's no shortage of animal print bedding, both in faux striped skins or as quilted fabrics covered in all the different creatures of the jungle. Toddler beds and younger kids furniture are manufactured to come in various animal shapes and styles. A giraffe makes a perfect painted coat rack! Order a handpainted step stool to depict your child's name against an animal scene. Send your child on safari by covering the walls of your child's room or baby's nursery with monkies, tigers, lions, elephants, and zebras. Your own creative touch rules all.

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Cowboy Themed Room

Western & Cowboy Room

If your little boy is growing up to be an all-American cowboy, the western theme is a good way to show his true colors. Cowboy bedroom decor proudly displays the heritage of our great country, and there are lots of ways to put an adorable spin on this midwestern flair.

The cowboy (or cowgirl!) bedroom begins with traditional fabrics and bedding. Western themed comforters and quilts feature everything from cowhide to bucking bronco and silhouettes of rodeo stars. Accessories in this type of room are easy: cowboy hats are an absolute must, strategically placed on a shelf or painted hat rack. Tie and hang a lasso from the wall, or maybe a small set of good old Texas steer horns. Cowboy boots, complete with spurs, are also a great accent. Paintings and wall mural scenery for a western themed bedroom should of course include images of horses, cattle runs, flat-topped mesas and bristling cacti.

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Under the Sea Bedroom

Undersea Ocean Room

Another great decorating idea that's neutral to both boys and girls decor is the ocean or undersea theme. The goal here is to transform your child's bedroom into an underwater dream world full of colorful fish, plant-life, and the many fantastic sea creatures that live on or near the ocean floor.

The walls of an under the sea room become especially important, as they need to reflect the illusion of being under water. Many colors are acceptable, but the brighter colored fish, sharks, octopus and whale cutouts will more vibrantly show up against a darker, more navy color. The floor of the room should represent the sandy sea floor, and this can be painted on the base of the wall and continued through the use of a light-colored flooring or carpet. Sea-life themed bedding is abundant, and you can choose from casual, playful quilts and sheet sets designed with all kinds of adorable sea creatures. Submarines, portholes, topside ships... go wherever your imagination takes you!

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Camouflage & Military Bedroom

Camouflage & Military Room

If your little hero is flying choppers and driving tanks all around the house, he'd be thrilled to sleep in a military themed bedroom. Camouflage colors are hot right now, and come in more than just the traditional shades of green. You can get blue camo, sand colored camo, and even white camouflage patterns made for snowy environments. This makes for an excellent boys quilt, and you can paint the room's walls to match one or more colors in the bedspread.

And in a military style room, your son's toys will do much of the decorating for you! Make sure he's got an ample supply of Army men, Hummers, tanks, helicopters, and everything else needed for battle. Paint some mountains on his wall as a backdrop, and let him set up his 'base' there. Pick up a pair of camouflage lampshades or an olive green shelf. You can also decorate with a Navy or Air Force theme by changing the colors to darker blues and building a few model warships or fighter jets. Your boy will be more than happy to help you.

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Circus Bedroom

Big Top Circus Room

One thing that's universally amazed both boys and girls can also be a great kids decorating theme: the circus. Perfect for either a child's room or baby nursery, you can easily find scenes of fantastic animals, funny clowns, and trapeze artists in almost every type of bedroom or playroom decor.

Circus animal bedding can be adorable, usually featuring sea lions balancing balls, lion tamers, and elephants marching tip to tail. Monkies, tigers, hoops of fire... you can find incredible canvas works of art for all these things to decorate your little one's room with. Many circus wall borders and murals can also be worked into the room depicting tigers jumping through hoops of fire, juggling clows, and all other kinds of fantastic feats of skill that your son or daughter will always remember after a trip to the circus. This type of theme is usually soft and fun - great for a toddler or young child who loves animals and imagination.

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Flying & Airplane Bedroom

Aviation & Flying Room

For the little boy or girl who dreams of the skies, creating an aviation-themed bedroom can be a fun way to encourage your little pilot. Airplane decor for kids is readily available, from aircraft shaped toddler beds with painted wooden propellers to giant wall murals depicting incredible cloud-filled scenery.

The bedding portion of this theme is an easy find, with boys airplane quilts, shams, and sheet sets made in everything from vintage biplanes to screaming fighter jets. Paint the walls sky blue and use spongepaint to make fluffy white clouds. When going down the checklist, another must is to build and paint some models of your son's favorite aircraft and hang them with fishing wire from various points of the ceiling. Aviation themed lamps, hooks, throw rugs, shelving, and light switch plates can put the finishing touches on any little flier or pilot's room.

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Police & Fireman Bedroom

Police & Fireman Room

Boys love heros. Many times while playing they will often imagine themselves as the real life heros of the world: the firemen who rescue people and the police who protect them. Creating a room theme from this idea is very popular, and many companies carry kids decor in these common hero themes.

You can start such a bedroom with a big, bright red firetruck - something your son probably has already. Police cars and images of blue are next, and these should be reflected in the colors you choose when painting. Cover your little hero's bed with a fireman quilt or comforter, and see if you can find some firetruck or police car decor in the form of lighting, bookends, desk accessories, and more. Extremists might try to get their hands on an actual fireman's helmet or police hat. Prop a shiny badge up on a shelf, and then go out and choose a colorful area rug lined with city streets, fire houses, and police stations that your son can use to play cars on. There's no end to the amount of hero-related knickknacks you'll find for this theme, so be careful not to go overboard!

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Choo Choo Train Theme Room

Choo-Choo Train Room

There's not a little boy out there who will escape childhood without playing with trains. For the choo-choo enthusiast, locomotives can become a fun and colorful theme that makes a fantastic boys bedroom idea.

One of the coolest parts about a choo-choo room is the fact that building and running electric model trains is an adult toy obsession. That means there's no shortage of cars, engines, cabooses, and train tracks available to be used as room decor. Lay down some HO scale model train tracks and decorate with real train cars - go one step further and make it operable if you can. Adorable choo-choo bed sets can be found in just about any color you could ask for, along with decorative train pillows and shams. Grab a conductor's hat for that shelf, and pick out a nice train-themed rug for that special place in your child's room. And for a more personal touch, don't forget to check out some locomotive wall art customized with your little conductor's own name.

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Nautical Theme Bedroom

Sailing & Nautical Room

If you're raising a little sailor, it's easy to appease your future captain's need for nautical decor. Sailboats, schooners, or sloops - no matter what kind of sailing or nautical theme you're going for, the number of different choices are as vast and limitless as the ocean itself.

One of the best ideas for decorating a nautical room is to adorn it with actual sea-faring artifacts. A ship's wheel looks excellent mounted over your little boy's bed, and lighthouse wall borders are a great accent. A brass ships bell, some fish netting, and other sailing accessories can really make the room. Put together an old model sailing ship with your son, and place it on a shelf. Don't forget to use some nautical charts and actual maps as wall decor, and be sure to include a visual - or maybe a kids area rug - depicting all the various nautical flags and their translated meanings. Sailboat-inspired bedding can be an adorable option for toddler beds, big boy beds and more. Blues, whites, and deeper reds are the predominant sea-colors when designing such a bedroom theme.

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