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Any incredible kids room starts with an amazing idea... which is why we've compiled a list of the greatest, most popular kids bedroom themes on the planet! Whether you're designing a girls or a boys room, or just adding to an existing motif, Kids Decorating Ideas is the place to find the best, most unique children's decor around.

So browse around... read up... check out our photos, articles, and fantastic reviews of the best children's bedrooms, playrooms, and more. Our list of artisans and theme decorating resources is geared toward inspiring mom and dad to create the ultimate fantasy room, for both boys and girls, that's sure to bring big smiles to your child's face and inspire them with memories for years to come.

The Princess Bedroom

Princess Bedroom Theme

There's not a little girl out there who hasn't once dreamed of being a princess! Perhaps the most popular of all girls themes, the princess bedroom should be adorned with all the royal trappings of her castle-dwelling highness.

From Cinderella to Snow white... from Sleeping Beauty to Ariel the Little Mermaid, Disney Princesses have captured the imagination of little girls all across the world. The sheer amount of princess-themed room decor by Disney gives mom infinite options when it comes to decorating with this type of theme. But although a Disney-themed room can be beautiful in this regard, there's also an unlimited amount of stunning princess decor that has nothing to do with the Disney Princess characters. From jeweled tiaras to full-sized wall murals and medieval themed furniture, the sheer number of options for a princess room is overwhelming. Personalized wall art and girls' name banners are among the most popular choices for making your little girl's room into something she can call her very own.

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Outer Space Bedroom

Outer Space Bedroom

For every little boy who's ever dreamed of the stars... breathtaking outer space bedrooms can be designed with some creative wall mural placement and just a few decorating extras. Your little astronaut can literally sleep beneath the stars, surrounded by the beauty and majesty of planets, galaxies, and spaceships of the past, present, and future.

A space themed room can be really tricked out, especially considering the many types of decor available. From rocket ship bedding to hanging completed models of starships and the space shuttle from the ceiling, you can take such a theme as far as you'd like. Glow-in-the dark star and planet appliques go perfectly on a painted ceiling, or on walls designed as portholes looking out over the vastness of outer space. For little boys of all ages, this truly is the stuff that dreams are made of.

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Butterflies & Ladybugs Bedroom

Butterfly Bedroom

Soft, floating butterflies and bright friendly ladybugs - when decorating any little girls room you simply can't go wrong with such a theme. You can find butterfly imagery in just about any type of girls bedroom decor, from shams and pillows to valances, throw rugs, and painted furniture accents. Butterflies are everywhere!

Coordinating a butterfly or ladybug themed bedroom involves imagination, color, and fun. Because butterflies come in every bright and beautiful shade of the rainbow, you and your daughter have many different directions you can go. Butterfly bedding can be matched to the many lively wall stickers and decal appliques available everywhere, and your wall color options are limitless. There are some incredibly delicate and beautiful hanging butterfly and ladybug pieces that can fit perfectly in that cozy bedroom corner, near the window, or anywhere your little girl's room might need a boost!

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Kids Sports Room

Sports Room Theme

A kids sports bedroom has the greatest variety of options available when it comes to children's room decor, hands down! You can decorate generically, covering football, baseball, basketball, hockey - a variety of different sports - or you can specialize according to individual sport or regional team. Hundreds of companies sell licensed sports bedding, furniture, rugs, wall decor - anything you'd ever need to transform your little one's room into exactly the type of sports theme you desire.

And a sports-themed room isn't just limited to a child's bedroom either - playrooms and gamerooms are perfect candidates for this type of decoration. Between MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL sports memorabilia and decor, you can buy lamps, shelves, sports-themed chairs and more. Collegate sports decor is also available for all the big name colleges, and life-sized wall murals and removable stickers are sold of all major sports stars and teams.

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Ballerina Room

Ballet & Ballerina Bedroom

For your little dancer, decorating in a ballerina theme can make her bedroom an insipring place to rest and relax. Soft pinks and lavender colors always go well against the wispy whites and lacy fabrics of the ballet tutu or dance outfit. It's also easy to accessorize such a room with great ballet and dance-related decor for every aspect of your daughter's bedroom.

Ballerina bedding is a tremendously popular theme, and many different styles are carried by most major children's quilt and comforter set manufacturers. It's equally easy to find adorable pillows and shams decorated with dancing girls in tutus and ballet slippers. Whether your little girl is just beginning her dance career or whether she has already seen more than a few recitials, the good news is that no matter what her age there's an extremely wide variety of different children's rugs, wall decals, and ballerina-themed furnishings you can use to create the ultimate dancer's haven.

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Construction Vehicle Bedroom

Construction & Vehicle Bedroom

Is there such a thing as a little boy who doesn't like trucks? Vehicle-themed bedrooms are a traditional and timeless choice for boys room decorating, especially when it comes to construction-related equipment such as dump trucks, bull-dozers, cement mixers and more. With all the various 'under construction' options, orange cones, and worksite-related signs available, you can do just about anything!

There's a long list of choices when it comes to vehicle bedding, too. This genre of boys bedding comes covered in all types of cool construction motifs. Also a lot of fun are children's area and throw rugs that are criss-crossed with streets, stoplights, construction sites, and storefronts - perfect for playing with toy trucks and cars. Many times these vehicle decor options are as cute as they are functional.

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Flower & Floral Room

Flower & Floral Themed Room

Filling your daughter's room with flowers is a fun and colorful bedroom theme that allows you creative license to do just about anything! Floral designs are easy and plentiful, from flowered bedspreads and kids quilts to wall decor, curtains, valences, and rugs. Throw in some furniture and room accessories constructed and painted with flowering blossoms and you've got an adorable little girly-themed room your daughter will love.

The most common girls bedding theme is floral, giving you unlimited choices when it comes to the center of the room. From there you can choose a few matching wall paint colors and really get creative with some floral designs. Floral wall borders are a great way to accent the room, and giant flowery murals can really open things up, giving the appearance of a field of beautiful flowers. This type of girls theme can be extremely rewarding, simply because it's very open to your own unique tastes and interpretation.

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Dinosaur Bedroom

Dinosaur Room Theme

It may happen early or it may happen when he's slightly older, but sooner or later it's a good bet your little boy will discover dinosaurs! And when he does, he's going to go dino-crazy for the next couple of years. What better way to pay tribute to these great beasts than to design an amazing dinosaur themed room for him?

Decorating a dinosaur bedroom can be tons of fun - especially considering how popular dinosaurs are in our culture. Fossils and bones make great museum-quality reconstructions, and this type of approach can be found throughout the world of dino-decor. Still, nothing beats a giant-sized T-Rex breaking through the wall of your son's room! Incredibly lifelike and detailed wall murals are sold for this purpose, as are appliques, wall borders, and a huge selection of dinosaur bedding options. Consult with your dino-obsessed boy to find out which direction you should go, and then plunge into the brave new world of prehistoric room decor.

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Fairy Tale & Fantasy

Fairy Tale & Fantasy Bedroom

Does your daughter's bedroom need the wave of a magic wand? Try fairies and pixies! These cute, whimsical creatures have captured the imagination of little girls since the invention of the very first fairy tale! From Disney fairy princesses to more a traditionally-inspired fantasy theme, you can easily decorate her bedroom in all manner of these floating, fluttering creatures.

And while these little pink fairies wave their wands around your daughter's bedroom, don't forget the magical kingdom in which they live. Fairy tale castles, princess carriages, and beautiful cloud-filled scenery should grace every part of the room's decor. Pixie bedding and valances come in many different styles, alongside fantasy-inspired rugs, furnishings, and matching wall decor. You can try for a specific fairy tale theme - filling the bedroom with the characters and scenes from your little girl's favorite story - or you can go with a more general, uninhibited fantasy look and feel.

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Pirate Bedroom

Pirate Bedroom

Is your little boy jumping off the back of the couch while stabbing imaginary foes? Is he wearing an eyepatch and screaming 'AAARRRGGGH!!!'? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it just might be time to consider transforming your boy's bedroom into a pirate-themed world of adventure!

Since Disney's Captain Jack Sparrow brought back the romance and excitement of the pirate age, a whole new generation of little boys have dreamed of swashbuckling, treasure-hunting, and sailing the high seas. This type of adorable theme decor is everywhere today: from pirate bedding and jolly roger flags to 'X' marks the spot treasure maps in the form of rugs and personalized wall hangings that can be customized with your little pirate's own name. Throw in some real live nautical decor such as a captain's wheel or a wooden anchor, and you'll have a fun little pirate's den your son can be proud of.

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Horse & Pony Theme

Horse & Pony Bedroom

There's not a country girl out there who doesn't love horses, or a little girl out there who doesn't love ponies. For those lucky enough to share a special bond with such animals, the horse-themed bedroom is a beautiful way to surround your daughter with reminders of these incredible creatures.

Although there's a good amount of cowboy (and cowgirl) bedroom decorations, horse and pony-themed decor is often made to be soft and feminine. Lazy, grazing horses and ponies make great wall murals against pastel pink, yellow, and lavender backgrounds. Entire barnyard scenes can be arranged this way. Many bedding companies make horse quilts, comforters, and sheet sets, and some of these are sporty versions depicting these animals jumping over fences at horse shows. But no matter what type of equestrian theme you're going for, you're sure to find lots of great ideas, accessories, and room decor to keep you and your little girl happy.

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Superhero Theme Bedroom

Superhero Bedroom

It's only a matter of time before your little boy goes crazy for superheroes. He might pick Superman, Spiderman, Batman... or he might be inspired by movies and cartoons with Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, or the Incredible Hulk. Chances are he'll probably just love the whole superhero world, so when bedroom redecorating time comes around be ready to roll with it!

Decorating a superhero-themed room might be easiest of all - some kids own so many superhero action figures and vehicles that most of the work is already done for you. You can get creative with some of these toys and bases, arranging them in a way that they become part of the whole decorating theme. And trust me when I say there's no shortage of licensed superhero quilt and comforter sets, sheeting, curtains and other essential room decor. Even bolder, you can really make larger-than life impressions by checking out some of the giant-sized superhero vinyl peel-and-stick wall murals. So find out your son's favorite hero (or villian!) and get to work!

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Chic & Stylish Room

Diva Room Theme

Got yourself a future diva? If your little one's motto is 'girlier is better', she's going to demand a very specific type of room theme. For this you'll need decor that's pink, pretty, and popular... all of which can be done with a chic and stylish bedroom.

There's an incredible selection of pink, purple, ruffled, glittered, and sparkling kids decor to satisfy even the most bling-hungry little princess. Fun and funky bedding sets featuring everything from animal prints to hot pink stripes can compliment the perfect girly area rug. Furniture should reflect intricate designs and ornate attention to detail, in muted eggshell colors to offset the vibrant colors of the room itself. You can also choose from an amazing fantasy collection of girls lighting, lamps, and chandeliers to complete your daughter's room in ultimate style!.

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Star Wars Theme Bedroom

Star Wars Room

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away... Star Wars inspired a whole generation of children in incredible ways no one ever had before. Thirty years, another trilogy, and a few animated series later... Star Wars is still providing unimaginable thrills for a whole new generation of thirsty fans.

Turning your little boy's room into a Star Wars themed paradise can be just as thrilling as the movies themselves. Just as your child loses himself in his Star Wars books, movies, and toys - you can immerse him in Star Wars bedding, wall decor, room accessories, and dozens of other incredible Jedi-themed ideas that will make his head spin. From Star Wars Galaxies and Clone Wars the animated series to the original and new trilogy live action decor, you'll find everything necessary to create a fantastic bedroom filled with Star Wars adventure.

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