Outer Space Themed Bedrooms

Does your little one ever dream of the stars? If rocket ships and far-flung galaxies are what gets him going, an outer space theme room might be just what your little astronaut needs.

Space Wall Mural Kit

Outer Space Create-A-Mural Wall Kit

Decorating a space room requires a much different approach than most other types of kids bedroom decor. Unlike other themes, a good outer-space room needs to make the occupants really feel as if they're on a journey through the stars. The most dramatic way to do that involves making good use of the walls; therefore, the walls themselves become the most important decorating aspect of an outer space room. Either they need to be painted dark and then filled with stars, planets, galaxies and more... or they need to represent starship portholes looking out into the majestic realm of space. With just a few room accessories and a little imagination, you can create the illusion that your son is the captain of a starship that's shooting across the universe... a fun role to play, and all from the safety and security of his own bedroom.

Buy Outer Space Posters

You can decorate with outer space decor from a fantasy genre, but some of the most dramatic effects can be created with real life space themes. Places like The Space Store are proud sponsors of the Ansari X Prize, recently won by SpaceShipOne. Celebrate the X PRIZE with official Space Ship One and X PRIZE cool shirts, hats and more, by clicking here.

There's also a whole bunch of genuine NASA-themed decor such as clothing, astronaut patches, and flight suits that you can hang in your child's room to give it a more authentic space exploration feel. Everything from building models of the Space Shuttle or Apollo rockets to all kinds of space-themed gifts placed strategically on shelves or dressers can create a very genuine feel to the room.

Buy Space Memorabilia

For the more advanced collector, you can even acquire genuine outer space memorabilia! Mission patches or die-cast pins from each of NASA's space missions can be collected and displayed in beautiful fashion with just a shadowbox or glass enclosed frame.

Your child can also find autographs of the United States' most famous astronauts, as well as genuine meteorites, original space program artwork, limited edition commemoratives and more. It's a good idea to find out what your child's favorite space themes, rockets, or vehicles are, and then begin building a theme around those things.

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