The Pirate Themed Bedroom

Pirates! This room theme has always been a favorite, but overall interest in pirate decor has skyrocketed with the release of the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Pirate Wall Mural

Dead Men Tell No Tales Wall Mural

Decorating a pirate room can be lots of fun. There's a ton of general room decor you can buy along these lines; pirate bedding, wall murals, growth charts... even full sized treasure chest toy boxes that look almost like the real thing. And while all that stuff is great, the true lifeblood of a pirate themed room will ultimately lie in the details. Ships's wheels, braided ropes, full-sizes jolly roger flags - it's the authentic nautical items and privateering accessories that really make such a room work. The romanticized age of pirates is all about these things, and you can find everything from real ship's lanterns to brass spyglasses to entire treasure maps drawn out on yellowed parchment. So before you begin decorating your little swashbuckler's room, keep in mind just how authentic you're going to get, and how many real pieces of pirate flair you're going to use during the process.

Another great idea advantage you've got going for you: model ships. You can buy and build beautiful masterpieces from the pirate age, with kits ranging from the very simple to the extremely complex. If your boy is old enough to appreciate model-building, get him involved. It'll be something fun for both of you to do together, and when finished you have another nice piece of pirate room decor with a very personal added touch.

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