Princess Themed Bedroom Designs

In terms of popularity, the princess theme room is the reigning queen of all girls decor. At one time or another, every little girl dreams of wearing her own crown... waving her own magic wand... jumping into that horse-drawn carriage. Creating a princess themed bedroom for your daughter can be fun and rewarding, but the best news here is that your choices are nearly unlimited!

Princess Bedroom Wall Murals

Mountainview Castle Window Peel and Stick Wall Mural

The younger your daughter is, the more Disney influenced her princess decor is likely to be. Some of the first movies she'll ever see will star Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Tinkerbell, and the Little Mermaid. Disney Princess room decor can be found everywhere, and you can decorate her room from wall to wall - top to bottom - with just about every Disney character under the sun.

As she gets slightly older, your little girl might outgrow her initial Disney phase. She'll still strive to be a princess, but her tastes will change. From here, you've still got an enormous number of choices for beautiful princess decor. Fantasy castle settings, cloud-filled skies, and gorgeous green landscapes can be used to create windows into another world, as shown in the photo to the right. In this type of world she rules her own kingdom; one filled with jeweled tiaras and beautiful white spires stretching up into the sky. Horse-drawn carriages and long-tassled princess hats. The furnishings, decor, and room accessories chosen here can really breathe life into your little princess's kingdom - turning her bedroom into much more than just a place she lays down at night, but a world in which her imagination can run wild.

Disney Princess and Pearls Decorating Kit

Disney Princess & Pearls

Disney Princess Decor

When your little girl first shows an interest in these popular Disney movies, she'll usually choose a favorite princess. Keep this in mind when decorating, but chances are she's going to want to see all the different faces in her bedroom. One great way of decorating is with Disney's line of self-stick wall decals. The Princess & Pearls 4-Piece Wall Art set contains large 11.5-inch prints of Belle, Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty that are perfect for framing.

Personalized Cinderella Snowglobe

For a very dramatic effect, Disney licenses giant princess wall graphics for many of the major princess characters. This includes the new Tinker Bell movie as well as Ariel the Little Mermaid. These oversized pieces of wall art can stand by themselves, or they can be combined with other princess decals and appliques to create entire Disney wall murals. You can even provide your princesses with a place to stay: Cinderella's castle, as seen below, makes a great addition to any Disney themed princess room.

Princess Castle Disney Mural

Cinderella's Castle Mural

When applying such wall decor, a good starting point is to choose a wall color that compliments the graphic or mural you intend to decorate with. Some decals look good on light colored walls, and others should be placed against a darker background. There are even wall graphics made with intentionally transparent surfaces, to allow the natural color of the wall behind it to bleed through certain areas. When in doubt, check with the manufacturer.

Disney Princess Growth Chart

Disney Castle Growth Chart

Growth Charts

Growth charts are another great piece of girl's decor that's can be functional as well as pretty. They can be placed on walls or hung from the backs of doors. They can come as vinyl wall decals, or as beautiful pieces of painted canvas wall art. Disney makes a variety of princess growth charts that allow you to measure your little girl's progress, featuring Tinker Bell, Cinderella, and more. Other great growth charts designed to fit children's bedroom themes, including many that can be personalized with your child's name, can be found here.

Princess Area Rugs

Disney also makes rugs for your little princess, in soft pinks and whites that are sure to go with any girls' bedroom decor.

Princess Crown Slipper Rug

Princess Crown Slipper Rug

Cinderella fans will adore the crown slipper rug shown at left, but a larger and more detailed area rug depicting her castle can be found in the Disney Oval Princess rug. But even the best Disney theme can be overwhelming, with only a limited number of characters to draw upon. This is why it's often a good idea to mix other types of more generic princess decor in with your decorating. Beautiful rugs and floor coverings that are not Disney-related include the Once Upon a Time Storybook rug, which is adorably perfect for the theme. Sometimes a plain rug or chenille can help anchor the room with it's simplicity, or you could go for something floral, girly, and cute like the Pretty in Pink rug. When designing around a princess theme, any time of soft pink or lavender colors are usually best. Manufacturers adhere to this rule: most of the bedroom decor is created with these favorite colors in mind. Shop around a little, and you'll find girls rugs to match the wall paint, your daughter's bedding, and just about any other aspect of this genre.

Princess Quilt

Girls Princess Quilt Set

Bedding For Her Royal Highness

Another great thing about the princess theme is the wide selection of available quilt sets. Bedding companies capitalize on this popularity, and offer everything from cartoon fairies to tiara inlays, castles, magic wands, and anything soft, girly, and royal.

Princess Quilt

Princess & the Magic
Castle Quilt Set

While pastel colors are very popular, you might be designing a room with more vibrant, brighter shades. For a younger girl, it can be good to incorporate a more cartoonish design. The Princess and the Magic Castle quilt set shown at left is a fun choice, as is the Pixie Chix girls bedding set and the Fairy Princess Garden Quilt. These sets are great for both fantasy and fairy themes, featuring adorable winged characters, magical wands, and very cute highlights or embroidery that go along perfect with this type of room decor.

Disney Princess Comforter

Disney Princess Flora Comforter

For girls with a taste for Disney princess bedding, the Disney Princess Flora Comforter features beautiful imprinted artwork of Cinderella, Bell, and Sleeping Beauty. Most choices for young girls' bedding include the full bedding package: quilt, sheet set, and usually a pair of standard or euro shams. Both quilted and percale fabrics can be found, but softer quilts are generally the most popular with this being a matter of individual tastes. For the window, matching valances are generally available as well - take this into consideration when purchasing your daughter's bedding set.

Canvas Wall Art & Wall Hangings

Princess Wall Hanging

Once Upon a Time
Princess Scroll

And don't forget the walls! Once you've got the walls painted, the bedding chosen, and your theme is coming along nicely, it's time to pick a few select pieces of princess wall decor to really accentuate the room.

You can choose from some very nice pieces of wall art these days; paintings, prints, and giclee reproductions are produced in rich, vibrant color. These can come as wooden-framed stretched canvas works, or as canvas wall hangings meant to dangle from colored ribbon or braided threads. The Once Upon a Time Princess Scroll at right is a great example of flat vertical piece, as is the Bejeweled Princess wall hanging, which can be personalized by adding your little princesses' own name. Other custom canvas art includes Fairest Girl and Princess by Drooz Studio. In fact, many artists producing such pieces almost always offer customization in the form of names or phrases; be sure to ask or check with the manufacturer for details.

Princess Carriage Wall Art

Princess Carriage Giclee Print

And beyond these more traditional paintings and works of girls wall art, newer designs offer alternatives that are equally as adorable. Minute Murals are custom wall coverings printed on professional-grade materials that offer incredible color and detail. These mural kits contain metal suspension bars and hanging hardware that allow them to be be assembled and then positioned anywhere in the room. There's no pasting required, and they can be removed and repositioned in minutes with no tools required. As seen below, these amazing works of art can make a gorgeous and very dramatic addition to any bedroom wall.

Enchanted Kingdom Minute Mural

Enchanted Kingdom Minute Mural Wall Hanging

Other wall decor ideas include everything from themed shelving to painted princess wall clocks, painted princess mirrors, picture frames, ceramic door hangers, wall signs and more. Also included in this category, you can order hand painted wooden wall letters in any number of styles and designs perfect for your little girl. Spell out her name in any font you like, in any colors you need to match her existing decor. Talk to the artisan - in many cases you can even send paint samples and pick out ribbon color to perfectly match your daughter's bedroom.

Princess Themed Furniture, Lighting, & Room Decor

Any room theme can be made more distinct with the addition of suitably matching furnishings and room decor, and the princess room is no exception. Vendors and manufacturers of beds, bookcases, tables, chairs, lamps and various other decorative items have created a large quantity of princess-related options for your daughter's room. Everything from toy boxes, rocking chairs, and bookcases can be found in princess themes.

Princess Rocking Chair

Royal Princess Rocker

Princess Toy Chest

Princess Toy Box & Bench

Since purple is the color of royalty, many of these items are found in lavender and purple shades, offset with pastel pinks and whites. Colors are usually muted as opposed to brigher and more vibrant, especially in slightly older children. Princess accents include hearts, crowns, and gilded gold inlay - usually painted and applied in extraordinary detail. Fancier is better when it comes to princess decor, as everything should be designed in a manner befitting the daughter of a queen and king.

For youngsters just out of the crib, the Princess Toddler Bed is a great choice for her first 'big girl' sleeping experience. For somewhat fancier tastes in furniture, the Chelsea Toddler Bed offers a more distinctly ornate design, and is available in several colors. The high-backed head and footboards of the Jane Toddler Bed offer your child protection on two sides - or three, when positioned against a bedroom wall. These beds all offer beautiful options keeping in theme with your daughter's royal room design.

Girls Princess Tuffet

Luxury Princess Tuffet

And since no child's room would be complete without a rocking horse, why not choose the ultimate? The Princess Rocking Horse includes soft heart-shaped cushions and golden tassles dangling from a beautiful white steed. Another great idea is the Princess Mini Rocker, designed with a heart-shaped insert within which you can place a photograph of your child or her favorite picture.

Princess Slipper Girls Lamp

Princess Slipper Lamp

As for lamps and lighting, several companies make very glitzy and glamorous princess table lamps, standing room lamps, and beautifully ornate chandeliers. The Princess Slipper lamp at left is a great example of these, as is the matching Princess Slippers Chandelier. Look around and you'll find everything from Tinkerbell nightlights to ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, and princess themed shades like this Princess Dreams model.

However you decorate, get your little girl involved with you! Half the fun of a princess themed room is shopping to pick out just the right furnishings and accessories. If your daughter is old enough to help out with that, be sure to consult her and get her input. And more important than just about everything else... have fun!

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