Sports & Athlete Themed Bedroom

Is your little sports fan more of a fanatic? Are you raising the next great baseball, football, or basketball star? A sports themed room can truly thrill and inspire your child. Best of all, it's one of the easiest themes to decorate!

Sports Theme Boys Room

Baseball Scoreboard Peel & Stick Wall Mural

Before starting off, the biggest question should be exactly what kind of sports will you limit your decorating to. If your son is a baseball fan, you may want to decorate in all things baseball. The same goes for other sports. But for many little athletes, the allure of all sports in general serves to inspire them. This leaves the possibilies for room decor wide open, as you can pick and choose anything from the traditional to the more extreme sporting events such as snowboarding, skateboarding, or even BMX biking.

And even if your little slugger wants the field narrowed down to a particular sport or event, you can go one step further and decorate by team. Major league baseball team logos, accessories, and decor can be found for any of the 30 national and american league teams. The same goes for football (NFL), basketball (NBA), and hockey (NHL). You can even drill down one more step and decorate your child's room with cards, figures, or even full-sized wall graphics of some of his favorite players from that team. It all depends on how specific you want to get with your decorating.

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