Superhero Theme Rooms

Colorful, powerful and amazing - the superhero bedroom theme can be just as amazing as the actual super heroes themselves! By decorating with your son's favorite Marvel™ or DC© characters, you can create a fantastic world of truth, justice, and incredible superhero action.

Wolverine Wall Sticker

Wolverine Giant Wall Mural

Batman Bedding

Batman Bedding Collection

Overall, superheroes fall into two main genres: the Marvel World and the DC Universe. Each has it's own cast of characters, filled with both super heroes and villains. Marvel's most popular heroes include Spider Man, Wolverine, The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and the X-Men. The best DC characters are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and other members of the famous Hall of Justice. When decorating a superhero room, first find out which ones are your child's favorite. You can decide then to keep within a specific genre or field of heroes, or just go all out - mixing & matching any characters needed to create the best room possible.

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To Villain or Not to Villain?

Another decision to make: will you also involve villains in your decorating? No matter which superheroes you pick, they may need someone to fight against in the battle of good vs. evil. For younger children, this is probably not necessary. The colorful heroes alone will make for fun and excellent room decor. But older kids may find it cool to set up entire super hero battle scenes... pitting the most powerful characters against their arch enemies. Spider Man vs. the Green Goblin, Batman vs. the Joker, Superman vs. Lex Luthor. Consult with your little hero-in-training and decide which direction to go, or do some research and see just who these enemies are.

Superhero Bedding

As you can see below, you've got wide open choices when it comes to children's hero bedding. You can pick your son's favorite character, or you can go with a comforter or bedding set depicting all different heroes from either Marvel or DC comics.

Iron Man Bedding

Iron Man Bedding

Incredible Hulk Bedding

The Hulk Bedding

Spiderman Bedding

Spider Man 3 Bedding

Superman Bedding

Superman Bedding

While these bed sets are for bigger boys, you can also find smaller-sized superhero bedding like the Superman Toddler Bedding collection. All of these sets contain great bedding options such as additional pillows, shams, and throws that keep within the super hero theme, such as this incredibly soft Superman Plush Blanket.

Hulk Wall Sticker

Incredible Hulk Giant Wall Mural

Superhero Wall Decor

When it comes to this category, the Super Heroes have some of the best wall decor out there. Hands down, there's more colorful and beautiful wall stickers, posters, and comic artwork with which to adorn your child's room than any other decorating theme. Use this to your advantage, and really make the walls pop!

Superman, Batman, Iron Man, The Hulk, The Thing, Wolverine, Spider Man... all of these heroes have their own giant wall murals, decals, and expertly printed wall graphics. These come in self-stick applications that smooth right onto the walls of your child's bedroom and come off just as quickly and easily. Choose one or choose a few, you should have no trouble finding great places in your son's bedroom for any of these characters.

Spider Man Poster

There are also some fun, motivational superhero posters available in various themes and characters, such as Spidey's poster at right. These kids prints parallel the adult versions of the same motivational artwork, featuring such adjectives as 'Honor', 'Character', 'Attitude' and 'Possibilities'. They're especially cute for younger boy's rooms, and the messages they impart are keeping in theme with the traditional duties and responsibilites of any good superhero.

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