Undersea, Ocean, & Sea Life Theme Room

For children who love the ocean, the undersea bedroom can be accomplished in many ways. It can feature the more cute & cuddly sea animals - seahorses, starfish, baby crabs and more - perfect for younger children and even a baby's nursery. But the undersea room can also be done in big, dramatic ways that bring the majestic enormity of the ocean's creatures right into your son or daughter's bedroom, as shown below!

UnderSea Wall Mural

Under the Sea Create A Wall Mural Kit

A nice aspect of such a theme is that it can be made to work with both boy's and girls' decor. The ocean is a vast place filled with all sorts of great sealife: whales, sharks, fish, dolphins, starfish, crabs, and even the octopus. If your little one has a big interest in these creatures, find out which ones are his or her favorite so you can incorporate those into your undersea decor.

With an ocean themed bedroom, you also have several directions you can go. Using the walls, you can make the room appear as a submarine... with portholes peering out into an underwater world of beautiful sea creatures.

Undersea Porthole Wall Sticker

Undersea Porthole
Wall Mural

On the other side of the coin, you can paint the walls of the room a deep ocean blue and then proceed to decorate those walls with decals, appliques, and even entire murals showing all the different types of sea-life that live beneath the waves. Use an ocean-themed wall border or just paint a waterline high on the wall near the ceiling - you can even paint baseboard area at the bottom a sandy yellow color to represent the sea floor. Here's where all the bottom-dwelling creatures would live: the lobsters, the eels, and the beautiful coral reefs. An undersea room is perhaps one of the most colorful theme rooms of all.

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