Construction & Vehicles Room

Ever met a little boy who didn't have a crane, dump truck, cement mixer or toy bulldozer? Of course not! Boys love heavy vehicles, and this is one theme that never goes out of style.

Construction Vehicle Stickers

Under Construction Peel & Stick Appliques

And while construction vehicles are a great theme, why just limit your decorating to that genre? It's easy to include lots of other great cars, trucks, and vehicles in the mix. Tow trucks, buses, even motorcycles and firetrucks. This adds unlimited versatility. Consult with your little guy and see what his favorites are.

And in addition to vehicle bedding sets, lamps, wall decor, there are an exception number of fantastic play surfaces designed with your child in mind. These include play tables and area rugs criss-crossed with roads, street signs, stoplights and parking areas: all a perfect place for your son to drive his toy trucks around. With these accessories, some track and a little creativity, you can turn any kids room into a Matchbox car paradise - so be sure to incorporate some of his favorite toys when designing your vehicle or construction theme.

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